Wilson Burn 100S Countervail Tennis Racquet

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Wilson Burn 100S Countervail Tennis Racquet

The Wilson Burn 100S Countervail is designed for the base-liner that like to hit with a lot of spin. The S designates it features a spin stringing pattern. On the Burn 100 S the stringing pattern is 18 x 16.  The Burn 100S Countervail is Wilson's spin machine!

The 10.6 oz frame weight gives the Burn 100S good plow through. Its balance is just slightly head light so the racquet is fairly maneuverable. Its 23 / 25 / 23 beam width provides lots of stability on contact. The additional of Countervail to the Burn series has been a real improvement has provides a much nicer feel on contact.

Wilson Burn 100S Countervail Tennis Racquet Tennis Racquet

The Burn continues to generate power to blast shots from the baseline, but now with a new design that amps up performance and looks. Added Countervail technology maximizes a player's energy on every swing while a fresh aesthetic features a pure and simple design with engineered paint finishes, textures and an improved feel and design. 

Head Size: 100 sq. inches / 645 sq. cm
Length: 27 inches / 68.58 cm
Weight: 10.6 oz / 300 g unstrung
Balance: 7 pts head light / 320 mm unstrung
Swingweight: 319 strung
Beam: 23mm / 25mm / 23mm
Flex: 69 RA
Tension Range: 55-62 lbs / 24-28 kg
String Pattern: 18/16


Racquet comes unstrung and without a cover.