Oliver Dragon Tour 2 Squash Racquet

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Oliver Dragon Tour 2 Squash Racquet

Oliver's popular Dragon racquet is back. The Dragon Tour 2 is an update on last years version. The weight and balance remain the same as the previous version. 

At a 115 gram frame weight the Dragon Tour is fairly light. Its slightly head heavy balance helps with producing power. As its head is relatively small the having a bit more of the mass up in the head area does help the performance of the racquet.

Oliver Dragon Tour 2 Squash Racquet

This concave, aerodynamic racket head has an enlarged sweet spot. Easy handling and impressive dynamics an ideal racket for the ambitious offensive players.

Article DRAGON Tour
Art.-Nr. 1595
Material Metacarbon
Colour black-blue
Form Bridge
Weight (±g) 115N / 150B
Balance slightly headheavy
String SQX9
String / Recommendation Kg 12L / 10Q

Racquet comes strung and without a cover.