Black Knight Ion X FORCE Black Squash Racquet

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Black Knight Ion X FORCE Black Squash Racquet

Characteristics of the Black Knight Ion X-FORCE Black Squash Racquet :

String : Ashaway Supernick XL Micro
Recommended Tension : 26 lbs
Rigidity Index : 95
Avg. Frame Weight : 140 g
String Area : 475 cm2
Dynamic Weight : 130


The Ion series has been developed in collaboration with multiple British Open Champion David Palmer.

The Black Knight Ion X-Force series of squash racquets use Thermal Core technology. This heats the racquet core to higher temperature during the curing phase, so that the racquet structure is cured uniformly inside and out. This Thermal Core modification to the carbon fibres makes the frame extremely responsive - stiff yet playing with the reactive properties of a more flexible frame. The resulting hit is the best of both worlds - the control of a very stiff frame with the power of a more flexible frame.

Racquet comes strung and without a cover