About Us

Thank you for finding us!

My name is Jeff Warren and I founded Control the ‘T’ Sports. I did so because I love the sport of squash and wanted to be a part of it. Here is our story, and why Control the ‘T’ Sports was started …

I started playing squash a little later in life, in my mid 30’s. I quickly became a real squash enthusiast and loved everything about squash. I was also an equipment junkie and wanted to try out the latest and greatest squash gear.

When I first started shopping for squash gear I found that there were not many good local stores and that I had to look online to find a retailer with a really good selection. The problem I found shopping online was that I was finding the same information on most sites about the gear I was looking at. It was simply specifications, a picture and the manufacturer’s description. I wanted better information and realized that I was likely not the only squash player struggling to find good information …

That is why Control the ‘T’ Sports was started. I saw a need for a better squash specialty store in North America. A store that not only had a good selection but one that provided useful information on the gear we sell and on the sport we love, squash.

That is our mission, to be a trusted resource for you, the squash player. We want to make sure you get the right gear, so you can get the most out of your game!

I also wanted Control the ‘T’ Sports to be involved in squash and to give back. We sponsor several professional squash players through our TeamCT program. Squash is not a rich sport like tennis or golf and athletes need the support to help build and finance their careers. We work with athletes that we believe are positive ambassadors for us, and for the sport of squash. Squash is an incredible sport and we want to see it grow.

As our retail store is located in a racquet club that has tennis courts we have expanded our product offerings to also include a very good selection of tennis gear and we also carry pickleball gear as well. Control the 'T' Sports was born of our love of squash but if you play tennis or pickleball we've got the gear you need too.